Jess (hazy_crazy) wrote in magicfly_icons,

Matthew Lewis/Neville Longbottom Mood Theme

This has only taken me about three days to make, but I've noticed that there is a severe lack of Matthew/Neville-centric mood themes around. I actually don't think there ARE any (if I'm incorrect, please direct me to a post! :D) and so I just decided to make one myself.

For a full preview: Click here
To download: Mediafire or Megaupload
How to install: Follow these instructions @ crackified (because she explains it better than I ever could!)

And most importantly: comment, credit either hazy_crazy or magicfly_icons, and ENJOY!

+ Images are from the following sites: Matthew Lewis Online, HP Stars Private Pics (if you want the link, just ask and I'll reply in a screened comment), The Leaky Cauldron and dj_capslock
Tags: .mood themes, actors: matthew lewis, movies: harry potter: neville
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