Jess (hazy_crazy) wrote in magicfly_icons,

North & South Mood Theme

Gaaah ever since I saw the BBC mini-series North & South just recently, I've fallen in love with it... and Richard Armitage :P. I don't believe a mood theme has been made for it before (please let me know if I'm wrong!) so I just HAD to rectify this. It's only taken me a couple of days to put together and I'm excited to be finally posting it. :D

For a full preview: Click here
To download: Mediafire or Megaupload
How to install: Follow these instructions @ crackified (because she explains it better than I ever could!)

And most importantly: comment, credit either hazy_crazy or magicfly_icons, and ENJOY!

+ Images are from the following sites: Richard Armitage Central and tempest_icons
Tags: .mood themes, actors: richard armitage, tv: north & south
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