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Tutorial #1: Washed Out Pink

So, this is my first ever tutorial! I was experimenting with an icon and came up with something I thought I could share. Hopefully it's useful for you guys :D

So, we're going from:
THIS -->> to THIS -->>
in PS8 (will probably work in PS7, and PS8+)

Step 1: Curves

  • Once you have your base, go to IMAGE >> ADJUSTMENTS >> CURVES
  • Make sure it's on RGB. Select Input as 115 and Output as 183 (screencap here)

It should look like this:
BEFORE -->> AFTER -->>

Step 2: Solid Colour

  • Create a new layer above the curves layer, and select the paint bucket tool and fill it with the colour #34D8E7 (example)
  • Reduce opacity to 16% and set the blending mode to Multiply

It should look like this:
BEFORE -->> AFTER -->>

Don't worry, we'll fix it up real soon!

Step 3: Selective Colour

  • Now we will use selective colour to give it something extra. Go to IMAGE >> ADJUSTMENTS >> SELECTIVE COLOR, and using the following settings:
  • REDS:

    • C: -50
    • M: -25
    • Y: -100
    • B: -30


    • C: 0
    • M: +17
    • Y: +11
    • B: 0

It should look like this:
BEFORE -->> AFTER -->>

Step 4: Optional

  • You can always duplicate your base and set it to any of these settings:

    • Screen at 30% (example below), or any other opacity
    • Soft Light at 50%, or any other opacity

  • This step is optional, and it greatly depends on the image as to whether or not it needs a Screen or Soft Light layer

With our image, the base was duplicated to Screen at 30% opacity. Sharpen this layer (FILTER >> SHARPEN >> SHARPEN).

It should look like this:
BEFORE -->> AFTER -->>

And that's it! :D


+ This tutorial WON'T work with every image. It's more suited for images with a lot of red/brown (and with darker, rather than lighter, overall brightness) but it's a good idea to experiment.

+ Let me know if you have any problems/issues. I find it's a good idea to work with my original base first so you know that it's worked, and then start using your own images.

+ Alternatively, you can download the .psd file here! Just remove my own images and start going crazy with your own.

+ PLEASE do not redestribute as your own. Credit is appreciated, but not necessary! If anyone asks, just link back to magicfly_icons :)
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